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Amber Smith Outfit.jpg

Academic Writing

(WRT 101)

Outfit designed and sewn by a student in response to a researched public scholarship assignment

Writing Culture: Introduction to
Creative Nonfiction

(WRT 114)

Reading event featuring WRT 114 student

Introduction to College-Level Writing

(WRT 104)

End-of-Semester Student Reading Event

Practices of Academic Writing
(WRT 105)

Student's Tee Shirt Design stemming from RCA

Critical Research and Writing

(WRT 205)

Student's Multimedia (Storify) Project
based on research project

Business & Professional Writing

(ENG 30063)

Kent State May 4  Visitors Center Service Learning Project

Writing in the Public Sphere
(ENG 30066)

Campus Kitchens Project Service Learning

* All syllabi are abridged 

** WRT 104 syllabus adapted from Ivy Kleinbart

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