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As a professor, I aim to help students experience writing and composing as modes of learning, professional practices, and forms of engaged citizenship. In addition, I strive to interact with students authentically and create class environments in which empathy, collaboration, and academic rigor intersect.


I have taught a variety of lower- and upper-division writing and research courses, many with topics such as "Psychological Narratives of Undergrad Life," "Criminology and Feminist Activism," "Writing, Ethics, and Civic Discourses," and "Medicine and Society." Moreover, with a focus on transfer and civic engagement, some of my courses have involved service learning, and most recently, a partnership with the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University. Students in my classes, then, have produced meaningful work in a variety of forms such as academic prose, grants, creative nonfiction, music videos and course soundtracks, comics, infographics, websites, digital marketing materials, paintings, and even clothing. You can learn more about my teaching by viewing my CV. 

Finally, in my administrative roles, I have spent almost a decade hiring, educating, training, and mentoring graduate and doctoral students across disciplines as they teach writing, rhetoric, and composition. Therefore, this site also provides sample syllabi and assignment sheets, along with resources for interactive learning (accessible via the dropdown menu). 



Meet the "other" Jess Corey, a former student's pet fish that she named after me. 

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